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Why Le Marche

Le Marche Bell Tower

We have visited 14 of the 19 regions of Italy. Until Le Marche, the 14th region, we never had an answer to the question “Where would you live in Italy?” After visiting Le Marche, it is clear to us how we would answer the question, because we fell hopelessly in love with the region.

First, the region is geographically varied, with something for everyone, from snow skiing in the mountains to sunbathing on an Adriatic beach. As we explored Le Marche, we would often come around a bend in the road to a vista that was, literally and figuratively, breathtaking. We’ve seen beautiful variegated green valleys surrounded by majestic mountains, and rolling hills with a perfect hill town resting nobly on top of one of them, or a view to the ocean, miles away.

Le Marche Hills

Okay, it’s pretty, but how’s the food? While we still admit that Bologna is the capital of great food in Italy, we found Le Marche specializes in grilled meats, deliciously cured meats, excellent fish, and game, all of which is creatively and wonderfully prepared. No wonder it’s reported that the Le Marche population eats more meat per capita than any other region. Of course there is pasta, and we have also had sublime vegetables, and we hardly even LIKE vegetables. To us, the food in Le Marche is some of the best in Italy.


Finally, the area is not “foreign-touristy;” so, you get an authentic Italian experience. The area is well-known for its beaches, and Italians flock to them in summer; so, the area loves its tourists, but is almost surprised to discover one is an American. The people are some of the warmest, most welcoming Italians we have found in Italy, and justifiably proud of their great region.

So, why Le Marche? With physical beauty, great food and wine, and wonderful people, we wonder, why anywhere else? Come experience this wonderful region with us, and you, too, may have found your favorite region in Italy.

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